9 Weird Beauty Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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There are lots of beauty life hacks abound and many of them were shared online. Only our imagination limits them.

Anyway, I am sharing these weird beauty life hacks worth knowing for every girl like you.

Take it easy and relax.

9 Weird Beauty Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know 1

If you have the world’s worst dark circles, use red lipstick as a concealer primer.

1. Put red lipstick before concealer. Make sure to don’t put a lot.
2. Make it with your fingers to make sure there is no excess.



How to make your eye lash longer when you put on a mascara. (Material: Cotton Balls!)

1. Take a single cotton ball.
2. Take a brush a pick up some cotton ball fibers.
3. Put it in every single coat of mascara you put. (Coat-cotton-repeat)
Safety Precautions: If you feel cotton balls get into your eyes, try to get it out. It’s not good to have something in your eye for too long.


If you’re ever in a rush and you wanna wear eyeshadow, you can make the eyeshadow the day before. (Material: Foam Sheets; Pigment Eyeshadow)

1. Take foam sheets.
2. Cut two pieces that’s shaped like an eye out of the foam sheets
3. Take some water and brush the water over the eye-shaped sheets
4. Take some pigment eyeshadow. Paint it wherever you want it to be on the foam sheet
5. Let it dry. (You can save a bunch of these and use them the next day)
6. Before applying, fine those lids first
7. Press the foam sheets on and off.
8. Blend it


How to not be hurt when you tweeze your eyebrows, moustache, or wherever

1. Pick up some Baby Orajel
Baby Orajel is for teething pain but Orajel basically numbs it
2. Wipe it to your skin
3. Let it chill for a minute.
4. Wipe it away
5. Tweeze without feeling any pain


If your lips are always chapped no matter how much water you drink (Material: Green tea bag)

1. Take green tea bag
2. Wet in the sink
3. Rinse out excess water
4. Take out and put it on your lips


How to get a nail design easily

1. Take the nail polish you want
2. Draw whatever design you want on a sandwich bag
3. Set it aside to let it dry
4. Once it’s dry, place it on your nail and push it really hard
The design will just peel off when you peel the sandwich bag off


If you have dark armpits

1. Take a potato
2. Cut it in half (Or you could just literally bite it)
3. Rub it in your armpits


When you’re clumsy and you get bruises all the time anywhere

1. Put some mouthwash in a cotton ball
2. Wipe it to your bruise


If your hair has refused to retain volume.

1. White powder can be used as dry shampoo
2. Put it on your hair, using for example, a foam
3. Then just play around with it


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