Best Training to Be a Herbalist – Professional Herbalist Path Package Review

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For the herbal enthusiast who has a solid foundation of the basic concepts of herbalism and has laid the groundwork on herbal studies, you might have wondered and asked, “What’s next?”

Well, find good training to be a herbalist.

If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of making a living from your passion in herbalism and it sparks something within you, and you feel a deeper connection with plants now more than ever, then the Herbal Academy’s Professional herbalist path package might be a fantastic option.

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Best Certified Herbalist Program Online

The bundle packages two of the most popular herbal courses offered by the herbal academy: the Intermediate Herbal Course and the Advance Herbal Course.

The Intermediate Herbal Course offers 59 in-depth written lessons, 175-plus recipes, 150 plant monographs, and numerous handouts, charts, videos, quizzes, and exercises that helps further learning for the aspiring herbalists.

For the herbal enthusiast who has a strong foundation in herbalism and looking to move to the next level, the Advance level herbal course is an excellent choice.

The advance level will prepare you for professional herbal practice. It features 78 text-based lessons written by some of the most brilliant minds in modern herbalism along with printable charts and downloads, handouts, charts, exclusive videos, case studies, , and more.

The courses are self-paced which means the completion time may vary individually.

However, on average, the course completion time is approximately 175 hours for the Intermediate Herbal Course, and 500 hours for the Advanced Herbal Course, which is a combined 675 hours for the Professional herbalist path package.

Students have access to the online portion of the program for 2 years for the Intermediate herbal course while the Advance herbal course provides 3 years online access. Each of the units and lessons, recipes, charts, video transcripts, and ebooks are available to download and print so students can continue to use the resources even after completion of the course.

Textbooks are an optional add-on for students who also want the course material in book form. The Intermediate Herbal Course Textbook can be purchased separately since the textbook for the Advanced Herbal Course is currently unavailable.


Would I recommend this course to other students?

Whether you have a great deal of interest in learning advanced multi-herb formulation, are preparing to launch your own line of herbal products or simply want to care and nourish your family with a holistic approach, your unique path within herbalism can have a positive and rewarding outcome when you choose to learn with the Herbal Academy.

The professional herbalist course is highly recommended for anyone seeking to launch a career in herbal practice, creating their own brand, formulating a line of herbal goods and custom products for customers,or for anyone keen in studying the wonderful world of herbalism.


Overall, did the course meet my expectations for high quality?

The professional herbalist course exceeded my expectations in terms of the quality and in-depth information about advanced herbalism. I found that the courses offered by the Herbal Academy is a very affordable and practical way of gaining skills and knowledge as a herbalist while being able to learn with others taking all of the courses from beginners to advanced in their exclusive Facebook Group. The professional herbalist course path package also comes with discounts to a variety of online herb suppliers that help make the studies more affordable.


Is the course helpful in progressing towards a degree?

The Professional herbalist course path provides study hours on advance topics such as Introduction to herbal history and traditions, Phytochemistry and herb-drug interactions, Evaluating herbal research, Weight management, Holistic approach to healing, Assessment and herbal therapeutics, Advanced formulation and more.

All of which are required educational topics should the student pursue becoming an AHG (American Herbalist Guild) Registered Herbalist.

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