The Boxing Workout for Fat Loss You Didn’t Think You Needed

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If you think boxing is just a combat sport that doesn’t help you lose weight, think again. Not only is every boxer ever in the healthiest shape, but most boxers also have incredibly lean bodies. It’s no secret billions of people across the world want a body like that. That’s why you need to start training as a boxer if you want to get a body like a boxer.

There is a lot about the boxing regimen that makes it specifically designed for boxers. However, that doesn’t mean that regular fitness enthusiasts can’t make use of their training and achieve similar goals.

For example, if you’re looking for a workout that can give you a lean body, make you quick on your feet, and literally be able to pack a punch, you should try out boxing. What’s more is that with the amount of cardio they do, boxers are some of the most incredible athletes given the amount of stamina they have.

Since it has no age limits, boxing workouts can and should be done by anyone and everyone who’s looking to lose fat and get themselves in shape. Here’s a couple to get you started:

The Boxing Workout for Fat Loss You Didn't Think You Needed 2



Shadowboxing is the act of boxing without a target to hit. While it may seem like a crazy idea, all boxers and fitness freaks do it. Not only are you going to use your imagination, but you’re also going to be imitating your boxing routine with the learned techniques.

The main benefit of shadowboxing is twofold. While it’s a terrific cardio workout that involves almost all of the major muscles in your body, it’s also one of the most engaging workouts as well. Even without any kind of ring experience, you can learn to be quick on your feet by drawing a circle or using a punching bag as a reference point to go around dodging while you practice punches.

The techniques that you’ll need to learn are going to involve the basic punches, namely:

  • Jab
  • Hook
  • Uppercut
  • Cross

You will need to come up with combinations for these as well as specific counts such as 1-1-2 which is a jab + jab + hook combination. Similarly, try out bigger and faster combos that work your arms and body up and focus on dodging with head and body movement just as much. Try looking at other boxers in the ring to see how they do it.


Sit-Ups and Crunches

Crunches and sit-ups are not exercises that are used solely to get abs. These workouts can work your core muscles and allow you to develop strength and endurance that you’ll need to take a couple of hits. While regular people might not feel the need to have a strong stomach, it’s certainly worth it to have a core that is lean, in shape, and is safe from physiological problems.

Sit-ups and crunches have a lot of variations that can be mixed to make for a killer workout routine. You can try going for 10-15 reps and switch it up as you feel easier. Do a total of 4 sets with a 45-second rest in between.



Planks are staple to any workout that promises to help weight loss. Moreover, it’s an exercise that also has amazing benefits for people looking to improve their posture, build core strength, burn carbs, improve balance, induce flexibility and elasticity and even relieve stress, improving mental health.

All you have to do is get in a plank position by getting into a press-up and retaining that position while resting on your forearms. For a whole minute, you must retain a straight back while keeping your glutes and abs tense. Take a break of 10-30 seconds and then go for another minute. Repeat this 4 times to get the maximum output.

It’s crucial to know that beginners will find this exercise very difficult and there’s nothing like the cramps you get in your stomach after your first day of doing planks. So, take it easy if it’s your first time. Cut the reps in half and increase the resting duration.


Skipping Rope

Rope skipping has been associated with every boxing training regimen and for good reason as well. You can’t look at the benefits of the activity and think it’s not effective for boxers. Not only does the exercise work your legs and hands, but it also builds up your heart rate and makes for amazing cardio. You also improve your body’s coordination while burning almost 200-300 calories in 15 minutes.

The fact that it only requires a skipping rope means that you can do this exercise almost anywhere you want. Start by jumping rope for at least a minute and resting for 10-20 seconds before going for another minute.

The Boxing Workout for Fat Loss You Didn't Think You Needed 3



Athletic fitness training programs are different from regular ones. As we can see, all the workouts mentioned above are clearly not that unique, but the way they come together for this particular regimen is key to what makes a boxer that quick, powerful, and strong in the ring.

Just because they might seem out of your league doesn’t mean you can’t use parts of their fitness programs in your regimens. Similarly, you can take the athletic diets that are specific to certain sports and make use of their best features that suit your fitness goals.


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