Best Exercises for Knee Pain and Swelling

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Best Exercises for Knee Pain and Swelling 1Are you experiencing knee pain and swelling? What remedies you are taking?

Well in this post, I will be sharing easy exercises to help solve the problem.

All of the exercises below helps decrease the stress and pull on your knee joints which in turn, will help to overcome swelling.

Exercise Tips for Knee Pain and Swelling

On a yoga mat, place a foam roller underneath one of your thighs. Support your body weight with your elbows. Slowly roll the foam roller back and forth from below your hips and above your knee. Do five repetitions.

Put as much weight as you can on the foam roller to massage your thigh muscles and this will loosen up the quad.


Go to a side ward plank position, one of your elbow supporting your weight (you can use your other hand to add support). Place the foot of your free leg in front of you to balance yourself. Like our previous exercise, do five repetitions of rolling from below your hips down to above your knee.

This exercise helps loosen your iliotibial band (IT band).


Your starting position here would be standing straight, your feet hip-wide apart. Make sure that your back all the way down to your legs are straight and you are not slumping.

Slowly, lean forward, and rest the palm of your hands on the ground. Keep your legs and knees straight as much as you can. Stay in this position for 10 seconds. Do two repetitions.

This will stretch out your hips, the glutes, and your hamstring area.


Find a wall and lie down near it. Extend your legs high up and have your heels rest against the wall. Keep your feet straight, hip-wide apart for 10 seconds and two repetitions.

Keep your hands relaxed and stretched out a little bit on your sides. To increase the intensity, bring your body closer to the wall so that your legs are forced to hold themselves up with greater force.


Lie down on the yoga mat with your knees bent. Raise your leg up in the air and hold it firmly with your hands for support. Keep your legs straight and hold it as close as you can to your upper body. Stay still in this position for 10 seconds and do two repetitions.


Watch this video tips to ease knee pain and swelling and get more insights…

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