I Clog the Toilet Everytime I Poop: What to Do

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There are many reasons why a toilet is clogged after using it. It could be the toilet paper, sanitary napkins, or your bowel movements. So if you want to figure out the answer to your question, why I clog the toilet everytime I poop, this article will help you out.


Will Toilet Eventually Unclog Itself

Usually, you will have to use a plunger to unclog the toilet. However, some toilets don’t go back to normal with a simple remedy. After several flushes, a temporarily fixed toilet will become clogged again. So can you just let it unclog itself without you doing anything?

If there’s no foreign object that causes the clog, you may have to check your bowel movements. Clogged toilets typically happen with significant bowel movements. If that’s the case, you need to do something about your poop and not the bathroom. Don’t worry because there is a simple solution for this, just read on.



Why Do My Poops Keep Blocking the Toilet

As mentioned earlier, more massive poops can potentially block your toilet. It can be an annoying situation, especially when you’re using the comfort room at a relative’s house. It could be incredibly embarrassing to the next person waiting to use the toilet.

So if you’re unlucky and usually have large bowel movements, then this could be the main reason why you’re clogging the toilet. According to experts, aside from eating fruits and veggies, you could take a magnesium supplement to regularize your poop and make it in average size.


What Will Dissolve Poop in the Toilet

A casual experience with poop clogging toilets can be manageable. But if it’s already bothering you every time you use the bathroom, then you need to learn some tips to dissolve turd in the toilet. You can search online for the different ways to dissolve poop as there are plenty, but the following tips can help you best.

Pour some liquid soap on the toilet, about 1/2 cup is the right amount. It should touch the bottom of the toilet after pouring since it’s denser than water. Now, let it sit for at least 20 minutes to do its magic. Get some hot water, then pour the container on the toilet bowl. It should resolve the issue, and you can do this every time you have clogged a toilet.


How to Unclog a Toilet Clogged with Poop

For sure, you are going to panic once you see your poop get stuck in the toilet even after flushing it down several times. You can use a brush to unclog the toilet. Maybe it needs a little push to rinse it entirely. If nothing happens, go with the mighty plunger.

Sometimes, coke can be helpful in the house, aside from making your meal more appealing. Pour two liters of coke on your toilet and cover it with a plastic foil. After an hour, flush it to soften the stool and see how it clears off due to the pressure applied.

Another household item you can use to unclog the toilet with poop is baking soda. But this time, you have to use it with vinegar to effectively get rid of the poop. Pour the soda first, then follow it up with the vinegar. The chemical reaction created by the two is foam, so make sure to pour in the vinegar gradually.

After trying all these and the poop is still stuck in your toilet, the last option is using chemicals. There are clog removers and destroyers available on the market that should do the trick. However, choose the safest one to avoid unhealthy side effects.

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What Causes Large Stools in Adults

Constipation, irritable bowel movements, and lack of fiber could be the culprits in having large stools in adults. However, there are cases wherein you could be eating enough fiber from fruits and veggies and still be constipated.

According to professionals, one of the most common causes of big poop is the DDD cycle which stands for Discomfort, Dread, and Delay. Meaning, you might be holding your poop longer than you should be. As a result, you get more significant bowel movements that can potentially lead to clogged toilets. Consult your doctor to address this problem right away.

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