How to Secure Wine Rack to Wall

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Wines are ideally stored at a room temperature level to preserve their spirit. You can keep them in a proper storage cabinet or counter. However, one of the trends now is using a wine rack to creatively display vino collection without compromising their quality.

Read below to learn a quick guide on how to secure your wine rack onto a wall:

1. Use your measuring tape to determine how much distance is there between the wine rack and the installing hardware.

2. Find the rivet on the wall where you intend to mount your wine rack. You can use a rivet finder, or if you don’t have this tool, you can tap the wall gently with your hammer. When you hear a solid sound while lightly hammering on the wall, that’s where the rivet is.

3. Mark the measurement of the wine rack installing hardware on the wall using a pencil. If necessary, each bolt used in securing the frame must be in a rivet. If your wine rack is obtained by one lock only, find it on the top of the rivet. However, if there are more bolts used, put one pin on the rivet for better security.

4. On the marking, drill a hole from the wall to the rivet. Make sure to use a drill bit that is smaller than the screws.

5. Drill another hole that is bigger than the toggle bolt if the screws are not located in the rivet. The toggle bolt is designed with metal covering to anchor screws when there are no rivets. It supports the weight of up to 25 pounds without damaging your wall.

6. Secure the rack on the wall using the bolt, starting from the rivet holes. The wood screws can be used for the rivet installation. For non-rivet installation, the toggle bolts must be inserted in the mounting holes. In the den, enter the pin and secure it until the covering opens like wings. Tighten the wine rack flush against the wall for secure installation.

To perform these steps, you need a measuring tape, toggle bolts, rivet finder, eyehooks, hammer, drill, and screws. You can get professional help if you are not sure how to secure a wine rack to a wall.

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