How to Practice Self Love

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Have you ever felt worthless in your life? Did someone ever make you feel like you’re good-for-nothing? For all of us, tile will come when we feel less worthy and unloved that we end up pitying ourselves.

If you think proving your value to others is the only thing to be accepted, then you need to practice self-love. When we know our worth, it’s possible to turn breakdowns into breakthroughs no matter the situation.


Self Love Definition

Self-love is the love of self. It means you regard for your happiness. A lot of people often neglect this basic human necessity because they are busy pleasing others hence becomes a moral flaw. Self-love is never being selfish, but it’s putting yourself first so you can completely love others.


Importance of Self Love

Self-love is essential in maintaining healthy relationships with our family, friends, and colleagues. If you value your happiness, it’s easier to feel happy for your loved ones. Also, self-love empowers you to become more confident in achieving your goals.

It’s essential to trust in your abilities and do what makes you happy. You also need to understand the importance of how you see yourself, how you perceive your worth. Treating yourself with respect, care, and love is a whole new level of self-love.


Self Love Exercises

Now, how do you exercise self-love? Focusing on yourself is a good practice, but there are many other things you need to learn. Below are some self-love exercises you can do to empower yourself more and succeed in whatever you want to pursue in life.

*Create a ritual that values self-love. For instance, log off your social media accounts while you massage your tired legs. Do your self-care routine without any distractions such as watching TV. Be vigilant of how you treat yourself when you’re alone.

*Focus on love instead of hate. Being the person who loves is the best thing you can for yourself and others. When you love yourself, showing affection to other people comes naturally. However, self-love is like building muscles because it takes time and consistent practice.

*Refrain from comparing yourself to others. We have our ways of showing love for ourselves. Start by not comparing your achievements to your friends, siblings, or colleagues. Do what you need to do and allow yourself to grow without competing with others’ success.


While you try to love yourself more despite your shortcomings, give yourself time to accept your flaws. Take baby steps and don’t be afraid to ask for guidance if you feel lost.

How to Practice Self Love Guide

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