How to Paint Cabinet Doors Without Brush Marks

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Looking for tips on how to paint cabinet doors without brush marks? You’ve found it here. Please continue reading.

One of the most common problems that DIY painters encounter is brush marks. Whether you’re painting a cabinet door or a regular door, it’s essential to keep the results as clean as possible. Seeing brush marks after painting your door is genuinely frustrating. So, how do you paint your cabinet doors without leaving brush marks?


Quick Tips to Avoid Brush Marks When Painting

If you want to achieve professional-looking cabinet doors, you need first to learn how you can create a smooth finish when painting. Brush marks on cabinets make them look messy, like the one done by an amateur painter.

So, here are remarkable and helpful tips to make sure you won’t be leaving any brush marks on your cabinet doors once they’ve dried:

*Clean the cabinet doors with a clean cloth and dish soap. Remove grease and dirt with soapy water and allow them to dry.

*Remove the drawers and doors using a screwdriver. Carefully take out the screws so you can safely remove the handles and hinges.

*Sand the drawer fronts, doors, and cabinets using a 120 grit sanding disc. Make sure to sand all the sides to prepare them for painting.

*With a wood primer, spray the drawer fronts and doors in an open area. To effectively coat all the surfaces, you can transfer your wood primer to an empty paint spray bottle. Give it time to dry, then spray the other side for a smoother finish.

*Get the paint of your choice and put it in the sprayer. Cautiously spray your cabinet doors on each side by holding the nozzle at a distance of 8 inches from the surface. Let the wood dry before adding the second coat.

*Place some tarps or old newspaper on the floor and seal the edges with painter’s tape to make sure you don’t mess the paint on other surfaces.

*With a sponge roller, apply the wood primer to your cabinet doors. On a paint pan, pour the wood primer and dip the paint roller while lightly squeezing it to absorb the paint. In a straight-line motion, paint your doors up and down.

*Using the sponge roller, paint your cabinets to achieve a smoother, straighter, up and down lines. Before adding the second coat, make sure the first one has completely dried. The sponger roller doesn’t leave brush lines on your cabinet doors.

Now, put back the drawers and doors, but make sure they are scorched to avoid smudging any wet paint.

How to Paint Cabinet Doors Without Brush Marks Easy Guide

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