How to Organize Your Closet by Color

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The most crucial benefit of organizing your closet by color is it’s easier to find what specific clothing you are looking for. If you want to coordinate your everyday outfits and create an order in your folded and hanging clothes, learning how to organize your closet by color is essential.

There are convenient ways to keep your closet well organized. For today, you will know some practical tips to help you organize your wardrobe using a color-coding system.


Best Way to Organize Clothes in Closet

The following are easy steps on how to organize your closet based on color:


Remove your clothes from the cabinet.

Be ready to remove everything, including sandals, scarves, sweaters, and hanging dresses. Also, check your hamper so you can add them all to the items you will be organizing in the closet.


Determine the items you need to let go of.

To know whether you should eliminate an item from your closet or not, ask yourself if it still fits, brand-new, or okay to wear. Get a separate box for the things you want to discard from your wardrobe.


Separate your clothes according to color.

Making color piles is the exciting part. Pick out the garments and pile them based on their color. It doesn’t matter what length, weight, or fabric they are made, sort them according to colors such as red, blue, green, pink, white, or black.


Create a workable layout.

Now, you need to layout the wardrobe by deciding on the order of colors. For example, you can organize your clothes like the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet). Then arrange the piles on your shelves and hanging rods.


Make sure everything is in proper order.

When your closet is organized by color, it automatically looks excellent. Everything is in the appropriate place, making things easy to recognize whenever you need to wear specific clothing. Under each color category, you can arrange the items by fabric, season, or occasion.


Wait, you’re not yet done. You can still upgrade your color-specific wardrobe if it’s a simple walk-in closet. If you want to achieve a boutique-style for your wardrobe, you can work with a professional designer to get your custom-made closet with a great organization system.

Color-coordinated closets make a space-worthy organizing style for all your items, especially everyday outfits. So, do you think color coding is the best strategy to organize your closet?

Best Way to Organize Clothes in Closet Guide

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