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How to Make Yourself Poop Immediately Without Laxatives

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Is your lack of #2 driving you crazy? Then you might have been thinking about drinking laxatives to get your stubborn stool out of your system.

However, laxatives can cause your bowel to become independent of it, and that’s not something you would want. They can also cause many side effects such as cramping, nausea, bloating and weight loss. But don’t fret, in this post, you will learn tips on how to make yourself poop immediately without laxatives.

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How to Make Yourself Poop Immediately Without Laxatives: Simple Ideas

Drink more water

Drinking adequate amounts of liquid can help regulate bowel movements. It will be easier for your body to pass stool regularly if your poop is moist, so make sure your body is adequately hydrated by drinking lots of water and fruit juices.

Consume coffee

Coffee can also be used to help you poop as it is considered a natural laxative. It stimulates your bowel movements helping your body eliminate stool by pooping.

Eat a heavy meal

After eating, food moves in your stomach, and as a reflex, your colon will begin to contract in an attempt to make enough room by pooping.

Eat a fiber-rich diet

Oats, rice, whole grains, and fibrous fruits and vegetables like peas, lentils, blackberries, pears, and avocados are some of the food you can include in your diet.

Try to incorporate Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet

Flax seeds, walnuts and cold-water fishes such as tuna, salmon, and sardines are an excellent source of Omega-3. There is not only a great way to keep your cardiovascular system healthy but can also work its charm in helping you eliminate stool. This type of fish oil acts as a lubricant for poop, thus aiding a smoother and more gently pooping.

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and start moving

Light exercises such as walking, jogging swimming and biking can also help in making yourself poop as it allows an increased amount of blood flow to your abdomen thus encouraging bowel movements.

 Stimulate your perineal area

The perineum is the sensitive spot between your genital area and your anus. Stimulating and massaging your perineal area can also help in making yourself poop.

Use basic poses and positions to try and make yourself poop

The squatting position is one of the best poses you can do to help your poop come out. By putting a stool in front of you and placing your feet on it while sitting on the toilet, you’re allowing your puborectalis muscle to relax and your anorectal angle to straighten. It lets your bowel to empty entirely and let stool out with the help of gravity.

Practice some yoga poses

There are also some yoga poses that can help your stool to come out. Some of these are the following:

  • Wind-Removing Pose
  • Supine Twist
  •  Seated twist
  • Triangle Pose
  • Seated Meditation
  • Downward Facing Dog
  • Standing forward bend


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How to Poop when Constipated on the Toilet

Are you having difficulty pooping? Do you have hard, lumpy stools that are hard to get out of your system? Does it feel like even after pooping, you’re not able to eliminate all of your poop? Then you are maybe experiencing constipation. It can be caused by a lot of factors like lack of fiber in your diet, dehydration Gastrointestinal Tract problems, dependency on laxatives or medication.

There are simple ways on how to relieve constipation. Exercise, change in diet, proper positioning when pooping as well as laxatives can ease constipation.

What to Eat When You Are Constipated

There are lots of food you can eat to relieve constipation. Constipation can be caused by dehydration and the lack of fiber in the diet. So what do we do? Rehydrate and consume foods that are rich in fiber.

When your body lacks hydration, the tendency is it pulls water out of the colon to compensate. So the first thing you should do is to drink, lots of water to avoid water from being pulled out of the colon. It will also help soften your stool for easy pooping.

Next is you have to eat fiber-rich food. Include the following in your diet as these are the best in relieving constipation:
• Fruits such as apples, bananas, avocados, oranges, plums, pears, peaches, kiwi and blackberries
• Vegetables like spinach, artichokes, kale, arugula, and spinach
• Dried fruits like prunes and raisins
• Whole grains like flaxseeds, whole-grain cereal, whole wheat bread, chia seeds, brown rice, and barley
• Drinks such as coconut water, green tea, and coffee
• Yogurt
• Popcorn


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Foods to Avoid When Constipated

• Avoid processed food as they don’t contain much fiber. Eating too many can also cause constipation.
• Consuming lots of dairies
• Drinking much coffee, cola and other caffeinated drinks can cause dehydration.
• Drinking more alcohol

Best Position to Poop When Constipated

The squatting position is undeniably the best position to poop in when constipated. We usually sit on the toilet to defecate. However, humans are designed to poop while squatting. The puborectalis muscle is the colon’s natural kink that helps you retain your poop inside the body. When you sit on the toilet, the puborectalis muscle tends to relax partially. When it rests, the flow of your poop is blocked, and as a result, you’ll have difficulty getting all of you to poop out of your system.

What’s the solution to empty all your poop from your colon? Squat. You can do this with the help of a stool or footrest. While sitting on the toilet, place a small stool in front of you and put both feet on it. Put your elbows on your knees while leaning forward. Budge your abdomen out and straighten your back. This way, the puborectalis muscle is loosened up allowing the smooth passage of stool.

How Do I Soften My Stool Quickly

Over the counter, laxatives can help soften your stool for comfortable pooping. There are many types of laxatives, five to be exact.
These are the following:
• Lubricant Laxatives
• Bulk Creating Laxatives
• Saline Laxatives or Osmotic Laxatives
• Stimulant Laxatives
• Stool softening Laxatives

However, it is still best to stick to natural remedies to soften your stool and pass poop easily. Laxatives are not meant for regular use as these are prescribed for chronic constipation. Although these are safe and effective and can easily be bought in pharmacies as you don’t need a prescription, laxatives can have many side effects like nausea and cramping. Your body can also be dependent on laxatives for long-term use.

How to Make Yourself  Poop Easily in This Video Guide

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With that being said, they’re a lot of alternatives ways that you can use to eliminate your stool. Inactivity, lack of fiber in your diet and dehydration are the most common reasons why your body is finding it hard to poop. Addressing the cause will surely solve the problem.

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  1. I experienced constipated in the past. But not now a days because I learned a lot from reading different kinds of articles regarding with my constipation problems. I eat poultry meat, pork, and beef once a week. I drink corn coffee in the morning daily without sugar. I do exercise daily. I do yoga ( focus and silence) sometimes when I find hard to pooh. Now a days as I follow my simple routine, i pooh daily.


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