How to Make Yourself Pee: Instant Techniques and Urinary Retention Guide

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There are times in your life when you need to make yourself pee like if, for example, you’re at the doctor and may need to do a test to make sure you are healthy, or for work when you are asked to take a drug test. In this post, you’ll learn how to make yourself pee and a urinary retention guide to hold it when there’s no toilet around.

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How to Make Yourself Pee in 30 Seconds

Are you experiencing trouble urinating and need to learn how to make yourself urinate? Whether it’s for a medical exam or a drug test, there are techniques you may utilize to stimulate your bladder and start passing pee. Here are some pointers for fast urination:

Drink more water

Drinking enough of fluids, especially water, is the simplest technique to make oneself urinate. Water consumption can promote urine production and aid in the removal of pollutants.

Clean your perineum

You might feel the need to urinate as a result. According to anatomy, the pelvis includes the perineum. It stands in for the most inferior portion of the pelvic outflow and is situated between the thighs.

Dip your hands in water

While seated on the toilet, dipping your hands in warm or cold water might also aid in triggering urine.

Inhale peppermint oil

By energizing your bladder muscles, peppermint oil can aid with urination. Apply a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball and take a smell.

Calm Down

Stress can make it more difficult to urinate, so try to calm down, breathe deeply, and relax your muscles. The urge to urinate could be easier to feel after you’re at ease.


How To Make Yourself Pee Instantly: 3 Remedies That Really Work

Here are three simple techniques to make yourself pee:

Turn on the water faucet and listen to the water

The sound of the water running while you are in your peeing position definitely helps to get things flowing.

Assume the peeing position and bear down

When we make a bowel movement or need to pass some gas, there’s some effort involved in that. Sometimes when you do that, you might have a little splash of pee as well.

Sit on the toilet, tap between your belly button and your pelvis for 30 seconds

Tap once per second for 30 seconds while in your peeing position to get things started.


Why Do I Have Frequent Urge to Urinate But Little Comes Out (Female and Male)

There are a couple of reasons why you may feel the urge to pee frequently, but only a little amount comes out. Some of these are the following:

  • Drinking caffeinated drinks – this can include alcohol and coffee
  • Consumption of diuretic, diabetic and diabetic-related medicine
  • Urinary Stress Incontinence – some activities like coughing or sneezing can put pressure on your urethra which can cause a small amount of urine to come out
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Pregnancy
  • Enlarged Prostate
  • Damaged Nerves


Why Do I Feel Like I have to Pee All the Time

Sometimes, it depends on what your perception of “all the time” is. If you have to pee at least eight times daily, then that is entirely normal, as our bodies are meant to expel urine at least every two hours.

If you have to urinate more than, it could be because you’re drinking lots of fluid, are eating foods rich in water like watermelons, too much caffeine intake, if you are under certain medications or when you’re pregnant. Other reasons could be because of medical conditions such as the overactive bladder, UTI, and Diabetes.

Some people just have a small bladder, which is why they have to pee more often. It can also be because it has become a habit. For example, when you know you’ll be on a long journey, when you’re about to sleep or when you’re at the cinema, you get the urge to pee before and during these activities.


How Long Does it Take to Pee After Drinking Water

The amount of time it takes for a person to pee from the moment of consuming liquid differs from one person to another. Some can feel the urge to pee just 5 minutes after drinking water, while it can take others an hour or two. The more liquid is consumed, the faster the urge to urinate will be. We are meant to pee every 1 to two hours – that’s just the way our body does it.


Why Does Asparagus Make Your Pee Stink

Many people complained that after eating asparagus and they took time to urinate hours after, they smell that their pee stink. Well, it is because asparagus contain asparagusic acid that their bodies converted into sulfur-containing chemicals that stink. Though, not all people who ate asparagus experience this because everyone has different bodies and effects.


How To Hold Your Pee Longer When There’s No Toilet Around

Having to hold in urine may be difficult and can be unpleasant if you find yourself without acceptable facilities, privacy, time, or opportunity. There are some techniques you can try.

The steps listed under holding urine are techniques you can try when faced with having to hold in urine. These are only a set of suggestions and are not supported by scientific studies. Some, all, or none of them may work for you at different times.

Visualize closing your urethra

Your urethra is the opening to the outside through which urine exits your body. Imagine squeezing muscles surrounding urethra while allowing your other muscles to relax. These are the same muscles you would squeeze if you are trying to stop a stream of urine. Relax the pelvis and abdomen to avoid placing additional pressure on the bladder.

Reposition your body

You may have to do this several times while holding in urine. Different positions can relieve some of the pressure on your bladder making it easier to hold in urine. Don’t press on the lower part of your abdomen. It will put more pressure on your bladder.

Pass gas if you have to

The buildup of gas in your intestine can place pressure on your bladder. Alleviating this pressure by passing gas may make you feel more comfortable and may allow you to hold in urine longer.

Stay warm

Make yourself as warm as you can by covering up with blankets, turning up the heater, or curling your body closer together. There’s a phenomenon called cold diuresis where an acute exposure to the cold causes an urge to urinate.

Avoid jarring or shaking your body

This can put pressure on your bladder and can make you uncomfortable. Stay sitting if sitting. Too much movement can jar your bladder and make you uncomfortable. If you find yourself in a comfortable position, stay there until it becomes uncomfortable and reposition yourself. Avoid changing positions too suddenly and tense abrupt or sudden movement. Keep movements as fluid and graceful as possible when you walk or perform other activities.

Minimize drinking anything while you need to pee

Drink enough to maintain normal hydration but avoid anything else.

Think of a distraction

Avoid any thoughts about urinating, water, or toilets. Don’t have an internal debate about urinating versus holding it in. Do not think about using the restroom until you are actually there. Do not think about urinating as soon as you reach the restroom. You may begin to urinate before you have time to remove your pants and underwear.

Don’t believe that letting a little bit of urine out will help

It won’t! Letting a little bit of urine out is virtually impossible. More often than not, your bladder won’t stop after just that little bit and you’ll succeed in peeing your pants.

Don’t laugh or think about anything funny

Laughing might cause you to contract muscles that put more pressure on your bladder. Avoid friends and situations that may cause you to laugh.


How To Make Yourself Pee in 22 Fun Ways

Who says you can’t be creative in the ways you pee? It’s a private business and you can do whatever you want. There’s no rule book for that, right?

The Waiting

Sit on the floor and patiently wait for the urge to pee. It might take long but…they say some things are worth waiting for.


Stand in front of the toilet bowl and just let your fountain flow. Make a little jiggle to get every dropout.


Sit on your throne like the queen you are and let your spring flow freely. Be feminine at all costs.

The Yoga

Breathe in, breathe out. Let your energy flow throughout your body as you let your bodily fluid down there flows as well.

The Dog

Lift one leg up and aim for your target. If you have a tail, you’d be wagging it after out of relief, but you don’t have one.

The Lunge

Make your toilet time your workout. Do lunges while peeing to complete your leg day.

The Frog

As you sit on the toilet, lean forward and have your hands touch the floor as if you’re a frog getting ready to take a leap.

The Superman

Lay on top of the toilet bowl, your wee-wee in the bowl itself. Extend an arm outwards keeping the other inwards just like how Superman does it when flying.

The Acrobatic

Lift one leg backward and hold it as you pee as the warm-ups athletes do before training.

The Portal

What would you do if a portal suddenly appears in front of you while you’re peeing? Face the other way?

The Kid

Remember the first time you got potty trained? Yup, exactly like that.

The Drunk

A lot of missed shots when your brain’s blurred out by alcohol.

The Soldier

If you’re not uncomfortable having someone to actually order you how to pee and watch you as you do it, then the Soldier position is for you.

The Cheerleader

Throw in some fancy moves, spell out words with your hands, do some jumps, let that cheer spirit roar.

The Selfie

Ever since the birth of selfie a few years ago, everyone decides to take a snap at every opportunity they have so why not include a toilet selfie?

The Shield

Sprinkle down some water on your wee-wee as you pee.

The Handstand

Go topsy-turvy, put your hands on the floor and let your feet rest on the wall behind the toilet bowl.

The One Handstand

Make an extra twist by using only one hand to support your weight. Let’s just hope you don’t fall.

The Twerking

Hail to Miley’s signature move, twerking while peeing will take the experience to a whole new level. Do a handstand, bend your knees pop your butt out and TWERK.

The Mission Impossible

Sometimes it requires maximum stealth to go to the restroom. Watch your back as you do the deed and make a sneaky exit.

The Fountain

An upward explosion of bodily fluid. How high can you go?

The Hulk

Not exactly sure how this happens but an extraordinary transformation while peeing? Maybe you drank something bad?


The point here is, there is no ridiculous way of peeing. As long as you shoot the goal to the toilet bowl and keep the floor clean, you got no limitations.

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How to Make Yourself Pee That Works


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