How to Install Subway Tile Backsplash Corners

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Searching for tips on how to install subway tile backsplash corners? We’ve covered it here. Continue reading and discover some insights.

Subway tile is one of the most usual things you can add to your home design. It offers an easy installation process both for expert artisans and skilled DIYers. If you’re going to choose the white subway tile, you can take advantage of a more affordable way to design your kitchen backsplash.

But before anything else, it’s essential to know how to install subway tile backsplash corners to achieve the exact style you want for your renovation project.


How to Layout Subway Tile Backsplash

Whether you’re redesigning your bathtub, kitchen, or shower backsplash, there is a proper way to create the best layout before starting the project. To make your layout lines, start by drawing two vertical lines for the offset rows. If you’re tiling your shower wall, create a vertical line as the center.

From the centerline, draw your offset lines with a specific measurement. For instance, you can measure 3 inches between the two lines for a standard 3 by 6 subway tile. But if you want to utilize a trowel, you can make the lines 9 to 15 inches apart.

With broader spacing, you can dig the thin-set on your wall while still making the lines visible with the plaster. If you use the 3-inch spacing, you will need to back butter the thin-set on one-half before installing the tile.


How to Tile Corners in Shower

There are plenty of trim options to choose from when buying a subway tile. To execute the pattern or layout to a corner, you need the right trim option so you can install the tile in a way that it looks like it naturally blends into the wall. The pattern should continue around the corners for a long-lasting quality installation.

For example, if you need to tile three corners in your shower backsplash, it’s essential to center the shower’s back wall to make even cuts on each side. After that, you need to work on the inner corner so that the tile looks naturally contiguous on the side walls.

The cuts should precisely follow the pattern that it continues on both sides of the wall. The secret is to prepare the layout of the subway tile in advance so you can focus on what looks best for your backsplash. Now, this is only an essential tip when installing subway tile. You can ask for expert help if you want to achieve pro installation techniques.

How to Install Subway Tile Backsplash Corners Tipes

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