How to Get a Smooth Finish When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

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Want to know how to get a smooth finish when painting kitchen cabinets? Well, we have covered it here. Please read on and find out.

Getting a smooth finish after painting your kitchen cabinets is an easy job when you consider prep work. That means you need to scrub all the dirt and debris from the wood so you can easily paint the surface without any uneven areas.

It’s crucial to determine which paint to use for long-term results. And this easy-to-follow guide on how to get a smooth finish when painting kitchen cabinets help you achieve a smooth finish.


How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Preparation is essential before performing any painting job at home. Here are some helpful tips to make sure your kitchen cabinets are ready for painting:

*Remove the doors and drawers from your base cabinets, including the hardware. Please place them in a separate bag, and don’t forget to label the containers to find which one contains the doors or drawers quickly.

*Check the cabinet and wipe off the dirt and other unwanted elements. To any adjacent surfaces that should not be painted, put tape on them. You can also use drop cloths to make sure surfaces are protected.

*Place your kitchen cabinets on a trim wood so it won’t touch the ground. Also, don’t let your pets get near you while painting the cabinets to prevent intoxication.

*The doors and drawers are conveniently positioned on a trim board so there’s no need to transfer them for drying.

Now, for the real deal. Wear on your painting garb, comfy shoes, and other protective clothing for a mess-free experience. Some paint can irritate the skin, so it’s best to use some protective covers. Only then can you start painting your kitchen cabinets with a smooth finish.


Quick Painting Tips

When sanding the doors, the goal is to expose the wood so you can easily apply primer and paint. Use an electric sander to even the surfaces without any scratch marks. Then apply primer coats to create a smooth profile for painting. If you see some crumbs on your first coat, you can perform some spot sanding to remove uneven surfaces.

After sanding, clean the dust so it won’t stick to your kitchen cabinets. Use a tack cloth to effectively remove all the dirt before applying paint using a spray or foam roller. If you want to apply fewer coats with fast-drying benefits, you can use an airless paint sprayer for your kitchen and bathroom painting needs.

Some of the best kitchen cabinet paint you will need include bonding primer, cabinet enamel, and acrylic paint depending on your choice. Generally, it would help if you chose a color that offers levelers to make sure you get a smooth finish.

How to Get a Smooth Finish When Painting Kitchen Cabinets Guide

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