50 Best House Cleaning Hacks for a Lazy Girl

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If you’re one of those lazy girls (and guys!), you eventually learn how to use your creativity to get out of this sticky situation. Lucky for you, we have curated a list of awesome cleaning hacks for that will surely change your mind.

The Powerful Cleaning Hacks for Creative Girl

1. Use handy lint rollers instead of dusting and vacuuming
Got no time to dust and vacuum? Grab your old lint roller and roll it over curtains, lampshades, insides of your pockets, your pet cat or dog (the list is endless!) and it can quickly pick up dust, crumbs, hair, fur, dirt, and debris.

2. Tape for dust and crumbs
Got no lint roller? Use tape instead to pick up small dirt, dust, and bits as well as hair on just about any surface.

3. Microfiber cloth, tongs and rubber hands for blinds
Cleaning blinds are not as easy as 1, 2, 3 – but with this hack, it can be! Grab a tong and secure two microfiber or any dust cloths one each side of your tongs using rubber bands. Clean blinds by clasping your tong on every shutter. For better cleaning, spray your favourite cleaner.

4. Use dryer sheets to keep your house smelling fresh
Place dryer sheets on vacuum bags, on the bottom of your garbage bag, keep one inside your clothes drawers, closets and even on each on the inside of your luggage for a fresh smelling scent.

5. Fabric sheets to remove water spots in a mirror.
Wipe mirrors with fabric sheets with, and it will remove watermarks as well as make smell clean and fresh.

6. Use cling wrap over everything to avoid cleaning up
Simply place cling wraps on the area where you’ll be working like the table or countertops, and you can easily peel it off and discard after use. One can also use this one drawer and shelves, and even inside the fridge to avoid having to clean over spilled food and beverages.

7. Cling wraps to avoid dirty dishes
Line up your plates and bowls with clingwrap, and you won’t need to wash after use.

8. Citric acid for clean dishes and dishwashers
Use a spoonful of citric acid on your dishwasher, load it up, and you’ll find both your dishes and the dishwasher sparkle afterwards.

9. Vinegar and water to get rid of mineral deposits
Using plain white vinegar placed in a ziplock, secure it over faucets, shower heads and the like and leave on for a few minutes or even overnight and wipe off.

10. Lemon for cleaning faucets
Cut a lemon in half and use that to remove tough water stains on your faucets and shower heads.

11. Rubbing alcohol to remove nasty smell
Pour rubbing alcohol on a sprayer and use it to get rid of the smell.

12. Rubbing alcohol for clean windows
You can also use this to clean glass mirrors and screen, and it will leave no streaks.

13. Use the dishwasher to clean almost anything
Use the dishwasher to clean plastic toys, sponges, keys, dog collars, and just about anything that is dirty AND waterproof.

14. Lemon oil and vinegar for shiny woodworks
Mix one part lemon oil and one part vinegar. Use the mixture to clean wooden cabinets, window sills and any other woodworks for that sparkly shine finish.

15. Warm water and dish soap for a clean blender
Pour warm water and a little bit of your soap dish and blend. You may have to soak it in hot water if hard bits of food are stuck inside before blending.

16. Tidy up your microwave with water and vinegar
Microwave a mixture of half cup vinegar with 2 cups of hot water. Put it in a microwavable container and microwave it for three whole minutes and wipe clean

17. Dirty pot cleaning hack
Fill pots with warm water mixed with dishwashing soap, place it on the stove and heat it. You should be able to remove the dirt easier.

18. Foil for a clean toaster
Get the foil and cover the pan with it when you use the toaster and throw the foil after use.

19. Vinegar for fresher towels
Use vinegar instead of detergent in washing towels for softer and fresher set of towels.

20. Newspapers for dirty windows and glass
Instead of cleaning rags, wipe your windows or glass with crumpled newspaper, and it will clean the glass and windows with no streaks afterwards.

21. Remove scum and watermarks on your bath with coarse salt and grapefruit
Just cut a grapefruit in half, dip the insides in coarse salt and start scrubbing.

22. Disinfect cutting boards with salt and lemon
Slice a lemon in half, sprinkle coarse salt on the board and scrub it.

23. Onions to reduce musty odors
Cut a medium-sized onion in half, peel it and place halves in rooms and it will absorb the bad odour within two days.

24. Sticky notes to clean keyboards
Use the sticky side of the sticky note and run it in between the space of your keyboard, and it should be able to pick up dust and dirt.

25. Swiffer socks for dusting
Instead of sweeping floors, just put on your soft and fluffy socks and walk around the house.

26. Furniture spray for shiny surfaces
Use your trusted furniture spray and use it on your dresser, fridge and other appliances for that shiny and polished look.

27. Original packaging for less dirty dishes
Eat foods directly from their original containers as much as possible for lesser dishes to wash.

28. Avoid soap scum with liquid soap
Instead of soap, use liquid body wash to help reduce formation and accumulation of soap scum in your bath.

29. Clean stovetops with 3-ingredient DIY
Sprinkle a little bit of dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda and scrub with an old toothbrush.

30. Broom and microfiber cloth to clean hard to reach areas
Simply wrap and secure a microfiber cloth on your broom using rubber bands to clean and wipe hard to reach areas.

31. Remover grout in bathroom tiles with bleach and water mixture
Mix one part water and one part bleach, place it on the tiles and scrub after letting it sit for a few minutes.

32. Salt for fluffy towels
Rinse towels using warm water and salt to make towels return to their fluffy state.

33. Porcelain polish for scratch-free plates
Use porcelain polish and apply on plates to get rid of scratched found on furniture, marble stainless steel and fibreglass and even plates.

34. Magic eraser for dirty window sills
Use wipe your window sills with a magic eraser and watch the dirt disappear.

35. Magic eraser to give glass doors their shine
Simply use a magic eraser, and your glass door will look instantly clean and shiny.

36. Rubbing wax paper for a clean faucet
Rub wax paper over your faucet and watch watermarks disappear.

37. Clean coffeemaker with water and vinegar
Create a mixture of one part vinegar and one part water. Brew a cycle, discard mixture and run with plain water twice to rid of the vinegar smell.

38. Stove simmer for a sweet-smelling house
Simply put water on a small pot. Let is simmer and place slices of citrus fruits and lavender.

39. Light up scented candles
Light up candles with your favorite scent and place strategically around the house.

40. Iron clothes that are slightly wrinkled without actual ironing
Place clothes and a damp towel inside the dryer and run a cycle.

41. Quick dry wet clothes
Place wet clothes on the dryer and include a dry towel. You’ll find that the freshly washed clothes are a lot dryer when using this trick.

42. Clean up the bath after every use
The trick to minimize cleaning is by wiping it dry after usage.

43. Tortillas as a plate
Never have the need to wash your plate by using a tortilla as your edible plate.

44. Vinegar for hard to remove tea and coffee stains
Just swish vinegar inside the cup and teapots and you’ll never have to scrub nor bleach them again.

45. Dryer sheets for dusting
Wipe any surface with dryer sheets and leave your shelves and furniture smelling clean.

46. Bread for glass shards
Pick up broken glass with a loaf bread and eliminate the need for sweeping the shards away.

47. Storage boxes or baskets for quick cleaning
Got an unexpected visitor coming in less than an hour? Just pick up all unnecessary clutter on your floor and place them inside storage boxes and baskets to keep them out of sight.

48. Revive yellowish pillows with vinegar and baking soda
Bring your towels and pillows back to life by adding vinegar and baking soda when washing.

49. Rubber gloves to remove your pet’s fur
Just put on your gloves and run through areas where your pet has left their fur.

50. Ask for help
Finally, if you think you can’t do it by yourself and you really need to clean the house in no time, ask for help, or just hire one.

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