Holistic Cancer Care Course

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As many of you know, we shared our dear Founder and Visionary Marlene Adelmann’s cancer diagnosis earlier this year. It has since been our Herbal Academy mission to uplift the cancer community with trustworthy cancer resources, community, and hope – in Marlene’s honor.


Herbal Academy Holistic Cancer Care Description:

When Founder Marlene Adelmann received her cancer diagnosis, she was shocked at how difficult it was to find trusted, research-backed information for holistic cancer support. Traditional cancer treatments are explained at every major hospital, but what about supportive herbs and mushrooms? Nutritional considerations? Mindfulness practices to help manage the new influx of stress. Where is the heartfelt advice for how to ask your doctor about holistic options or navigate working with multiple practitioners? Information related to holistic cancer care is hard to find, and it is unfortunately even harder to know whom to trust.

In honor of Marlene and her newfound friends in the cancer community, we’ve combined clinically backed research with thoughtful guidance from holistic cancer practitioners and doctors, integrative nutritionists, experienced clinical herbalists, and compassionate caregivers so you can replace research with rest. Take a deep, reassuring breath knowing that you have a robust collection of holistic cancer resources in one easy-to-access location.


Holistic Cancer Care and Herbalism for Cancer

The Holistic Cancer Care Course will:

• Deepen your understanding about the physiology of cancer and what’s happening in the body.
• Provide powerful, proven mindfulness techniques for stress reduction.
• Educate you on integrative nutrition and the best foods to support the body before, during, and after cancer treatment.
• Introduce herbs, how they work, and how to use them for an integrative approach.
• Provide well-researched, time-tested herbal support for cancer, including nourishing recipes.
• Offer suggestions for mushroom use and how they can support the body during cancer treatment.
• Guide you with tips for speaking with your medical team about holistic treatment options.
• Support you with a robust list of resources, including Herbal Academy’s vetted integrative cancer centers, books, websites, trusted practitioners, and more.

This online, self-paced course is designed for learners of all skill levels and is thoughtfully infused with clinical research, time-tested herbal recipes, videos with medical professionals and holistic cancer experts, beautifully illustrated charts, helpful downloads, and more. No matter where you are on this difficult road, there is hope and you are not alone.

Interested in learning more? Visit the Holistic Cancer Care Course here!

Note: The information presented in this course is designed to complement and support the cancer treatment that you and your medical team select, not replace it.

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