Best Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten

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Halloween crafts for kindergarten are more likely searches for parents and teachers alike when Halloween season comes. Now that is finally here, it’s time to get spooky while keeping a little bit of that funny attitude with the kids. Also, it’s time to brush up your artsy crafty skills. These Halloween crafts for kindergarten are so easy to do. Some are even perfect for a nighttime Halloween party. Are you ready? Check out these top 10 reviews of this year’s latest Halloween crafts to spark your creativity.

Discover the 10 Best Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten

Unomor Foam Pumpkin Decorations

Best Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten 1The Unomor foam pumpkin decorations craft kit is perfect for your kid’s Halloween party. It includes 24 sets of decorating ideas in two packs. There are 12 designs, such as snowman, monster, pirate, vampire, spider, jack pumpkin, scientist Frankenstein, witch, and many more.

The designs can easily be assembled using the instruction guide or personal preference. This Halloween crafts kit is for kids, teens, and even adults. You don’t have to carve pumpkins anymore, choose the style you want and simply attach it on your pumpkin. The stickers can last long with strong adhesives so no need to worry if you’re using them outside the house.

Pumpkin Decorations Craft Kit

Best Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten 2This pumpkin foam decoration crafts kit can make up to 12 pumpkins for your baby’s Halloween party. For many families, pumpkin decorating has been a fun way to get everyone together and bond this Allhallows Eve. It’s also a great activity for classroom Halloween projects.

With this craft, you don’t have to create jack-o pumpkins from scratch. Simply decorate it with these awesome, long-lasting stickers and you’re done. Each craft kit piece is packed individually so you can keep the unused pieces. Complete your pumpkin decorating needs and enjoy the Halloween party with other trick-or-treaters.

Foam Halloween Pumpkin Shapes

This foam Halloween craft pack includes 24 8-inch pumpkin shapes to help you decorate your pumpkins without messing your hands. It’s fun and simple to decorate with kids and other family members. The jumbo size makes these shapes ideal for class art projects.

You can use these orange pumpkins either for Halloween or Thanksgiving parties. Craft them as spooky jack-o lanterns or vivid pumpkin faces that kids will surely love. However, assortments, colors, and sizes may vary from each pack. Use a quality marker to draw on the foam pumpkins, if desired.

Colonel Pickles Novelties Pumpkin

Best Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten 3The Colonel pickles novelties pumpkin sticker set contains 44 Halloween foam face decorations. These funky designs include spooky characters for your jack-o lanterns. They are designed to make pumpkin decorating easy and fun. All you need to do is stick these funny faces on the pumpkin for Thanksgiving and Halloween parties.

The stick-on foam patterns can be used in fake and real Halloween pumpkins. They are perfect for kids and adults without the need to carve cutouts and shape pumpkins to achieve the desired style. No need to clutter your home while preparing your decorations for Halloween.

Halloween Party Games Crafts

Best Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten 4The Unomor Halloween crafts kit for kids is a 12-set DIY ghost skull for party games. It comes with 12 pieces of stickers, 12 pieces whiteboard, and 81 pieces diamond stickers. This ultimate crafts kit is designed with expression stickers with eyes, mouth, and nose.

You can choose from 7 rhinestone-shape stickers and create the desired face for them. This is a fun activity for kids and trick-or-treaters this exciting season. It’s designed to enhance cognitive ability and creativity of children.

Halloween Picture Frame Kit

Best Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten 5With 12 individually wrapped pieces, the Halloween picture frame crafts kit is made for kids and those young at heart who want to celebrate the season with more fun and interesting decorations.

Each picture space measures 3 by 5 inches with an overall measurement of 5 by 7 inches. Easy to peel stickers and long-lasting adhesives for Halloween party decorations. Craft kit includes foam picture frame pieces dated from 2016 to 2019.

Halloween Toilet Paper Rolls

Best Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten 6
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If you want to create some art crafts for Halloween and at the same time recycle used stuff in your home, then these Halloween toilet paper roll craft idea is for you. There are four different characters you can create out of these paper rolls.

It’s so easy to make and fun for children to enhance their creativity. Halloween characters include vampire, Frankenstein, mummy, and pumpkin. So if you have toilet paper roll at home, try this and have something new for the Halloween celebration.

Glowing Jack-O-Lantern Craft

Best Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten 7
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With the use of plastic cups, you can craft some vivid glowing jack-o lanterns for Halloween. This can be done by kids and their parents for a perfect bonding activity. Preschoolers and kindergartens can quickly follow this craft with parental help.

The materials you need are acrylic paint, 3-ounce clear plastic cup, flameless LED lights, Black Sharpie, and paintbrush. Paint the clear cups, draw jack-o lantern or other faces, and put the flameless light inside the cup for a perfect glowing jack-o lantern.

Potato Stamping Pumpkins

Best Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten 8
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An ideal preschool activity, the potato stamping pumpkin craft is great for kiddie Hallow parties. It helps to enhance your child’s fine motor skill while getting his hands dirty in some artsy work.

This fun craft idea makes the fall season a perfect time to improve creative skills of preschoolers and toddlers. Crafting is easy for some Halloween decorations like the jack-o lantern pumpkins.

Paper Cup Witch Craft

Best Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten 9
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Witches are one of the most popular Halloween characters. And until today, it is embraced by kids and even adults when it comes to wearing costumes and decorating homes. So this paper cup witchcraft idea helps you make the decorating experience a breeze.

The fun thing about this craft idea is that you can put glowing noses to your witches using tea lights or candles. The process of creating these witch crafts is so easy, even kindergarten and preschoolers can make it.


Halloween is almost here, make it a memorable experience for your toddlers this year with these easy-to-make decorations. These fun craft ideas are ideal for parties and activities that celebrate fall’s most awaited Allhallows Eve.

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