9 Best Essential Oils for Nerve Repair

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Discover what are the best essential oils for nerve repair and what will work for you

This post shares the best essential oils for nerve repair. Please continue reading to find out what they are and tips on how to use them.

Nerve pain can be life-changing and debilitating. If it is chronic or long term, it brings about effects that can be devastating for the sufferer. In the worst cases, no treatment ever relieves the pain. Nerve pain is also referred to as Neuropathy, and there are a hundred different causes that bring up this condition. First off, let’s understand how neuropathy happens.



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Nerves are the key to everything your body is capable of, from the simplest tasks to the more complex ones. For instance, blinking your eyes, or breathing. Also, running, jumping, and simply knowing where your hands and legs are even when your eyes are closed. In peripheral neuropathy, the peripheral nerves, or the nerves that branch out from your spine, are damaged or compromised, the ability to send or receive messages to and from your Central Nervous System (your spine and brain) are obstructed or impeded. If your peripheral nerves are not able to communicate correctly with your spine and brain, chances are you’ll feel sensations that are unpleasant, uncomfortable, and painful. Below are a list and descriptions of the types of the most common peripheral neuropathies.


Types of Nerve Pain

Diabetic Neuropathy – due to high blood sugar levels, nerve pathways are exposed to conditions that are not optimal for excellent neurotransmission, which leads to eventual nerve damage. Sensations include pins and needles, numbness, weakness, and varying degrees and quality of pain

Idiopathic Neuropathy – pain that has no known cause. Tests may come back as usual, but the pain is still present. It usually affects people who are aged sixty and up

Compression Neuropathy – may be caused by a growing tumor, trauma, or injuries. Nerves are compressed, thereby resulting in pain.

Chronic Post Surgical Pain – or, more simply, nerve pain after surgery. In normal circumstances, pain after surgery is normal and expected as the wound heals. However, if after three months, or once the surgical wound is completely healed and the pain persists, it is tagged as chronic post-surgical pain. It is one of the most common complications of the surgery, resulting from nerve damage due as well to trauma by incision or manipulation.

Shingles – nerve pain from shingles or post-herpetic neuropathy is caused by the dormant Varicella zoster virus or Chickenpox that became active while a person’s immune system is down. This type of neuropathy is diagnosed when the shingles have resolved, and the rashes are gone, but the moderate to severe pain is still present.

Sciatica Nerve Pain – is a pinched nerve located in the lower back that results from compression of the nerve roots leading to the sciatic nerve. This nerve is significant; it spans the lower back down to end of the legs. The pain may range of shooting, burning or tingling, and even weakness or numbness from the lower back down to the legs. It may be difficult for an affected person to sit for long periods or to stand on one leg.

The pain that peripheral neuropathy brings about ranges from tolerable to excruciating. It is observed to be more painful during the night, resulting in a disrupted sleeping pattern. It may also lead to anxiety and depression, and overall, affecting the quality of life that an affected person lives. Sometimes, even high doses of medication or operations don’t work. Luckily, there are organic options that are safe and highly effective. These are also essential oils for nerve repair or neuroregeneration.


Top Essential Oils for Nerve Damage

Essential oils have been grabbing the attention of many chronic pain relief seekers all around the globe. These oils, although complex in composition, are natural. On top of that, they offer a broad spectrum of benefits for everybody. Here we have the best essential oils that are recommended for nerve pain relief.

Peppermint oil – has been seen to decrease spasm in the muscle. It is applied to the skin for nerve pain, and for many other types of pain as well. It also promotes blood circulation.

Geranium Rose oil – especially useful for shingles, it is applied to the skin directly. It also soothes other types of neuropathy. Studies have shown that this essential oil is, in fact, useful in relieving neuropathic pain

Eucalyptus oil – according to research, this oil produces a sizeable amount of physiologic response for pain relief because of its warming properties. It also relieves the muscles spasms that may be causing neuropathy

Spruce oil – improves blood circulation, relieves muscle spasms, and aids in clearing receptor sites which is helpful for nerve regeneration

Rosemary oil – although mild on pain relief properties, it relaxes muscle fibers and increases circulation which may eliminate the root causes of neuropathy

Frankincense oil – this essential oil nourishes on a cellular basis, providing an excellent opportunity for nerve regeneration. It is also a natural pain reliever.

Lavender oil – is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its analgesic proclivity. It also is an excellent choice for relaxation, which helps the pain overall.

Rosewood oil – is an organic pain reliever, and it boosts the immune system. It also works as a stress reliever and an antidepressant.

Blue Tansy – this oil bolsters overall oxygenation in the body, which helps provide the cells with the nutrition they need. It is particularly helpful for nerve regeneration.

So, what are the best essential oils for nerve pain? The recommendation is to try blending them, and see which blends or individual types of oils work for you. There are several pre-blended oils in the market, but it’s best to start with the real ones so you can tweak your effective blend as you go. These are natural anyway, so there are no extreme side-effects to it. Just make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of them. You apply essential oils topically three drops 3x daily.

While there are a lot of options and treatments that cater to nerve pain and nerve injury, the more natural and organic options are always safer. While we are not undermining the advancement of medicine, knowing that we have entirely natural options is comforting. If you place that against having to take high doses of pain relievers or even going under the knife, then wouldn’t you want to try the harmless side of the coin first?

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