Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

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Discover Cool Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget and in Small Spaces

Whether you’ve got a tiny bathroom you want to renovate or looking for a modern decorating idea that fits your budget, you’re in the right place. There are quite easy steps to help you remodel your comfortable room with creative ideas, especially for small spaces and cheap fixtures.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget Guide

1. Repaint your cabinets and hardware

The right paint can help you create the ideal ambiance for your bathroom. With this budget-friendly makeover, you can make your old cabinets and walls look brand-new. You can also paint the handles, so they look chic and stylish.

You may choose gold and white to make your bathroom look like a hotel suite. Don’t be afraid to experiment on colors when remodeling your space to make all the difference.

2. Add more shelving

Extra shelving in your bathroom makes it look well-decorated while providing more room for your toiletries and other essentials. For instance, you can put up to three shelves to cover up an awkward space in your bathroom.

You can use wooden planks and metal brackets that are available from hardware stores as quality materials at affordable prices. In less than a hundred dollars, you are guaranteed to decorate your bathroom on a budget.

3. Upgrade your lighting

High-end fixtures will cost you huge money when upgrading bathroom lighting. However, you can find cheap alternatives that also have interesting designs and features. All you need to do is search for the most affordable industrial fixtures and lighting sources in your area.

On the other hand, you can replace light fixtures in your bathroom with do-it-yourself knowledge. You have to know the basics in installing these fixtures.

4. Update your grout

If your budget doesn’t permit you to change your tiles completely, you can update your grout. You can use the black plaster dye if you want to transform your white tiled bathroom floor. Just use a paintbrush and a second polyblend colorant to refresh your grout.

The amount of effort depends on the current situation of your grout. If it’s slightly gross, you can clean it and apply the colorant. Make sure you understand the steps in primary grout application.

5. Use shiplap

Redecorating your bathroom wall is comfortable with the help of shiplap. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to remodel your bathroom. With cheap plywood boards, you can add more natural design for a simple shower with a modern twist.

To reduce project cost, you can cover the wall’s bottom half with plank boards. Then you can use the money you have saved in buying paint for the remaining wainscoting.

6. Create your own towel hook or ring

Since you’re on a budget, what better way to decorate your bathroom than DIY stuff? Create a handmade towel hook or ring in order to set your bathroom apart from the others. All you need are some leather, nail, adhesive, and metal ring.

Being creative in decorating your bathroom is money-saver and straightforward. Not to mention, it adds more personality to the overall ambiance.

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7. Add frame to the mirror

Bathroom mirrors tend to be dull and straightforward in small bathrooms. If you have one like this, then you can add a structure to it so that your mirror looks finished. It’s expensive to buy custom frames, however, so it’s better to make your own using some scrap wood.

Constructing a mirror frame is comfortable with the necessary steps like measuring, adjusting, and cutting of woods.

8. Make DIY organizers

A simple DIY organizer project you can do for your toiletries is with the use of mason jars. They are cute and simple but adds more elegance in your bathroom. These vanity organizers can provide more room for your bathroom essentials including toothbrush, makeup brush, soap, shampoo, and many others.

They don’t eat much space. You can mount it in the lavatory or above the toilet.

9. DIY shower curtain

For a unique decoration, you can create your shower curtain with ruffles. This design looks more feminine and is easy to make. All you need is some fabric scrap and sew them into small ruffle to form a curtain.

You can experiment on patterns and colors, though. Make sure that your design matches the interior of your bathroom and the ambiance you want to create.

10. Replace the old door

To save floor space, you can choose a sliding door for small bathrooms. Not only that, it will provide more light, especially for closed areas. Vintage sliding doors like a wooden one can give your bathroom a classic impression.

Just make sure to paint it with a matching color to improve overall design. Add a lock for more privacy while using the bathroom.

11. Build floating shelves

The best way to create extra storage is to add a floating shelf in the bathroom. Jars and baskets on the shelves keep your space more organized and tidy. It prevents clutter because you can just put all the toiletries in the cabinet.

Floating cabinets are more convenient as they save space rather than putting a standalone organizer on the floor. Always consider space-savings decorating ideas to maximize your tiny bathroom.

12. Add some ornaments

You can put hanging plants in the ceiling, or display some succulents in the organizer or cabinet. Also, mount some picture frames or paintings to accentuate your bathroom interior.

Other decorations you can add in your bathroom are scented candles, folded towels, and fancy soaps. Anything that you think can add more beauty to your bathroom is welcome.

Wrapping It Up

With these simple bathroom decorating ideas, you don’t need to spend too much to complete your remodeling project. Afterward, you should be happy with the result. After all, you have saved a lot from your budget while building a personalized space where you can shower and do your daily “business” most easily.

So, how do you want to decorate your bathroom? Check out these great ideas and achieve your dream bathroom design.

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